My Fall Favorites for 2017

Happy Friday girls! I wanted to be sure I shared my fall favorites with you girls this week since it was a highly requested topic for the blog. I've been meaning to get one up so it was great timing when y'all started asking about them. I've shared my top categories for what I think are the best trends currently available and also the best fall items to snag while you can! Each category has a widget underneath the description so you can scroll through and click on whichever item you have your eye on - it'll take you right to the page to purchase! Let me know if the comments what YOUR favorite trends are and if I missed any! XO


Y'all know how much I love hats... I can't even say it enough! One of my favorites has to be a beanie. I love the beanies with poms on them and that are super thick and flexible. There are so many available right now that are on my wishlist. I love a pop of color in them but also a neutral beanie to keep the outfit a bit classic. I want the TopShop beanie that everyone is raving about... the pom is just too cute on it!! 

Baker Boy Hat:

Everyone has been raving about these hats for a while now... and to be honest - I absolutely hated them when I first saw them (lol)!! I was with my girlfriend at the mall and she told me to try one on when we came across them... surprisingly I fell in love and haven't looked back. Black is a classic color for me so I bought that one first but I do want a beige version and also an olive version before the season is over. I'll be wearing them throughout the winter, too, with all my coats! 

Sweater Dress:

I tend to gravitate towards all things knit when the weather cools down which usually means a pair of jeans and a cozy sweater.  BUT I love switching things up and grabbing a sweater dress that is just as cozy! There are a number of these that are available right now and they are all so cute and warm. I love them paired with OTK boots which brings me to my next favorite..... :)

Over-The-Knee Boots:

This is definitely a fall must-have for me! They are so versatile and go well with basically everything. My advice to purchasing these is to snag a flat pair without so much of a heel so you can wear them daily. I tend to actually wear my heeled versions more because I'm on the shorter side (5"4') and like to add the height (and length to my legs, lol). I've been wearing my Target OTK boots for about a month now and they are my go-to! The price is killer... you just can't beat it. 

Pearl Accents:

I love the pearl accents that you see on everything right now - but I do like it to an extent! These jeans (shown above) are the perfect example since they aren't overly done and it's in a contained area. I also shared on my IG this week a pearled sweater that I snagged (color is soo perfect!!) that's the same way. Adding it a subtle way is best, in my opinion. 

All Things Knit:

My absolute favoriteeee piece of clothing in the fall/winter months is a good sweater. Whether that be a cozy, long cardigan or a huge chunky pullover... I love it! My boyfriend teases me constantly saying that I need to 'clean out my sweaters' because I have more coming in the mail, basically everyday. It's a bad habit! I can't seem to let go of my past knits either so you girls would laugh if you saw them overflowing in our closet, lol. I've tried my best to round up my favorites below for you but there are endless options!! 

Thick Scarves:

Last but certainly not least... a thick scarf! One of my top scarves this year is the Free People scarf that's just under $50 and comes in so. many. colors!!! I want to scoop that one up in all the neutrals it comes in. Of course you can't forget the possibilities of the blanket scarf! They are always a classic and so cozy. I actually use them as blankets when I am that cold in the evenings... love them!


  1. I love all your picks girl! Definitely need one of those thick scarves. I also LOVE the way the Baker Boy hats look on you. I haven't tried this trend yet but I'm loving how you styled it. xx

  2. I love your style!!! Everything you wear is absolutely adorable! I actually just bought the OTK boots from Target and I love them! They go with everything. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh I can't wait to start styling beanies!! Not quite cold enough here yet :( and I'm with you on the pearl accents! Love them but in moderation!

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  4. Hi! Which is the beanie you are wearing?


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