Cab Hat & Leopard

Monday... we meet again. I feel like the weeks are colliding together recently and I can't even keep track of the day! The daylight savings time has me wanting to fall asleep by 5pm when it's super dark outside, too. Anyone with me!? Gotta keep it going, though!! Alex and I ran some super quick errands yesterday and we both felt like the world was out running around... which usually means holidays are here! I am so excited to decorate for Christmas but Alex keeps reminding me that we need to worry about Friendsgiving & Thanksgiving before getting carried away (lol). So the day after our Friendsgiving... I am going crazy and getting this place decorated!!

I'm sharing one of my favorite fall looks (how many times do you hear me say that, haha) with y'all today!! One of the most worn camisoles in my closet is this one. It's so versatile and goes layered under everything. I love it paired with this fuzzy cardigan and other pieces that you guys have seen on here. My moto jackets, suede jackets, cardigans & whatever else! You'll get you wear out of this piece, for sure. Also, I found these leopard heels online!!! They are literally almost identical to what I'm wearing which are a few years old but I still love them. I prefer little pops of leopard with a neutral outfit. 

My new iPhone arrived in the mail today!! (iPhone X). I love it so much but just wish the phone/screen was a TEENY bit larger. I went from the 7plus to this new one so it's taking a bit to get used to - but I definitely love everything. The screen is so clear and the camera is amazing, no biggie there. Hoping they do end up coming out with a iPhone X Plus maybe next year and implementing the larger screen... but this one isn't as small as the other phone! All in all, I'm happy I upgraded and love playing with the new technology... we are definitely tech nerds. Anyone else!? Comment below your thoughts!! xo


  1. Such a stylish and perfectly layered outfit for a chilly Fall day! :)

  2. Such a cute look ! Love the print on your shoes !



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