Fall Colors

Hello Monday! This weekend flew by, as usual! It snowed for the first time here on Friday and it was short-lived but so pretty! I always get so excited to see the snow when gearing up for the holidays but once they are passed, I'm okay without it. Anyone else?! My girlfriend and I went to Chagrin Falls on Saturday and the snow stuck to the ground over there and made such a beautiful vision! The leaves were orange, red and yellow all over the ground with sprinkles of snow covering them, it was gorgeous! 

I'm sharing another tiered sweater with y'all today. This one is sold out but I've found an almost identical one from Forever 21 that's just as cute! I love the color, too. I paired this one a bit different than my first tiered sweater to change it up. These booties are on sale and less than $50. I've had them for over a year now and they are so comfortable. I love the height - I live in heeled booties & boots. I'm only 5'4" so I will take all the height I can! I'm getting ready to publish the first Gift Guide of the season on here this week so stay tuned for that! I'm super excited to share! xox


  1. You look super cute ! Love the jumper !


  2. This outfit just SCREAMS autumn! Even down to the wash of the denim.
    Those boots are also ridiculously beautiful- I need them!


  3. Such a perfect Fall outfit! I'm loving your knit!


  4. I cannot seem to pull off the ruffled sleeve trend, but this looks GREAT on you!

  5. I love the color of the sweater! It's such a nice tone for Fall!


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