Cozy PJs and Loungewear Roundup

Hey girls! I know a lot of you have been asking about cozy PJs and loungewear recently and the majority of you voted for a full roundup on here, so here we go! I live in loungewear, not even because I work from home but even before taking on the blog full time, every time I walk in the door - loungewear or pajamas it is! I feel the best when I'm super comfortable just being at home or hanging out with friends so I rounded up my favorite ones for you below! If I'm missing any great deals or you have your favorite pair/set - leave me a comment below and let me know!! I will definitely check them all out. xo


This is the 'loungewear' PJ set by Victoria's Secret and I love! The bottoms are the flannel bottoms that you are used to but the top is just a long sleeve tee. Each set comes with a different top - I chose this one since it was pink and grey (my favorite combo!!). You can shop the styles below, too! xo

These are both separates from Old Navy and I absolutely fell in love with these holiday bottoms! I didn't have any 'holiday' themed pajama pants originally so I scooped these up on Cyber Monday for the best deal. I chose this navy blue thermal top to match and it has a little 'Mistletoe' on the front! Some of these (including the pair I'm wearing) are on sale for FIVE DOLLARS today! Now is the time to snag these up!!! xo 

Y'all know I have been loving thermals lately!! This is my first year getting the thermal set from Victoria's Secret and I loved them so much - I bought two! I have this black and white pair and then also the pink and grey fairisle pair. I paired these with my black pompom slippers from VS and then the other pair with my grey ones that you've seen frequently over on Instagram! They are so comfortable and cute, I can't get enough!!


I have worn these leggings almost every single day since I got them in the mail last week - they are that comfortable! I'm kind of tempted to order the ivory just because they are selling out, quick. Also, they are already on sale but today they are an additional 30% off!! A bunch of stuff on Old Navy's website is on major sale - so take advantage!!! Loungewear and PJs are always a safe bet for gifts - I always ask for new pajamas from my parents since I know I'll get such good use out of them. This GIRLS sweatshirt is cropped and so soft on the inside! I love it paired with these. It comes in a few other colors and tees! xo

If you have been following me for a while then I know you've seen these Abercrombie joggers! The softest material and they are actually super flattering. I find myself wearing them in and out of the house whenever I have running around to do and it's easy to dress them up to be appropriate to do so! I'm wearing them very casual here but I will put on some cute slip-ons and loafers and a moto jacket when heading out. This cocoon cardigan is one of my favorites and it's sooo comfortable.


I fell in love with these once I saw them and I snagged them for such a good deal!!!! They are available on Nordstrom's website and come in a few colors/animals. I gravitate towards lighter neutrals but I love the darker pairs, too! 

We are both wearing the VS Pom slippers that came with our PJ sets! I have the grey on while Kaitlynn is wearing the black. (You can find her on IG here!!) We both have each color, lol. They are just too cute to pass up on!

These might be my favorite slippers so far this season. Kaitlynn found them at Altar'd State and I immediately went the same week and picked up a pair!!! They have other options, too! xo

I hope you girls found this helpful and useful. If you have anything else you'd like me to add or you have any loungewear/PJ set recommendations for me, comment below! You can never have too many pajamas ;) thanks for stopping by!!! xo

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