Dream House & Website Redesign

Happy Monday friends! I'm so excited to share my rebranding with you girls today. I had my website redesigned to match my 'theme' - keeping everything cohesive! I'm so happy with the way it turned out and I hope you guys love it, too! I wanted something simple but with cute elements that all tie in together. You know my love for blush & grey (and marble! all over my office, lol). It was fun to add personal touches here and there. I hope you find that it's easy to navigate through! 

I'm sharing this winter look with y'all today... remember when I shared a peek of this dream house over on my Instagram Stories!?! How stunning is this? This beautiful home is in my hometown, Medina (Ohio) for those of you aren't familiar. I knew the second it starting snowing... we were headed here! The owner was so kind about letting us shoot in front of their home, too. Makes thing easier, lol!

This coat is from Vici Collection but I found an exact jacket at Walmart (of all places!?!). It's on sale for less than $40 and is super warm! I paired it with black accessories including my Hunter Boots. I definitely recommend getting the Hunter boot socks if you plan on wearing yours in the snow. It makes ALL the difference! My mom picked me up this pair for Christmas and I am so thankful!! xo


  1. Love your website redesign! SO awesome and easy to navigate. Xoxo

  2. That is such a cute, bundled up outfit ! I love the photos of Winter wonderful location, it suits your new redesign well! :)


  3. You blog design is really awesome, did you make it yourself?

  4. Congrats for the makeover of yours and your website's. How much you're happy, we can feel from this post. Keep it up!!


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