Galentines Pt. 2

Happy Monday ladies!! I am SO excited to share todays post with y'all because it's one of my favorite shoots to date. My bestie from Glitz & Glam (she just announced her blog - you'll LOVE it!!!!) and I had the best morning with our heart-shaped donuts and coffee... such a fun way to celebrate Galentines with your girlfriends!!

In case you missed our first post of the series Galentines, you can read it here. If you aren't up for getting ready and going out... why not stay in with your BFFs and make the most out of it!? Hallmark Channel always has the best holiday movies (including Valentine's Day!!) and whether you want to host a dinner, have a dessert full evening or just spend the entire day on the couch together binging on donuts and sweets... it will be fun! 

Kaitlynn and I try to spend at least one day every weekend together since she does work full time outside of blogging. We have the most fun together whether it's planning for our blogs together or just sitting on the couch with our pups watching TV. She's the soul sister I never had before we had met. You know those people that you just 'click' with? It's like looking into a mirror! I wouldn't trade our friendship for the world :)  

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  1. Too cute photos and such a great Valentine's Day setting. :)


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