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Happy Friday, my loves! I'm so excited to share these photos of my office with you this morning. We just finished decorating this space and added the final touch with an abstract piece from Get Knit Pic. I love how it adds depth to my cozy reading corner! Not to mention the colors are stunning. This is a 30x40 and I have the 0.5" frame option. 

Alex and I used to share the office space but he had a wonderful (and so kind!) idea to turn it into a creative room for me and my business, Fashionably Kay. He even convinced me to turn his old desk area into a vanity space for me to get ready in! I swear, he is the sweetest and I have no idea what I did to deserve him. We started planning the space out in January and I love that it came to life so quickly. It's my quiet little oasis and makes working so much better. 

Both of my desks, my office desk and vanity desk, are from Ikea. We took a trip out there in January for our living room but picked up a few pieces for the office while we were there. Including my chair for my reading corner. The chair is the "Koarp" in the color Gunnard Beige with white leg options. Less than $200 and super comfortable! Also, for reference - my office desk is the "Kallax" and my vanity desk is the "Micke".

I've linked everything I could below with you to make things easiest! I might have missed a detail so if that is the case, leave a comment below and I'll be sure to respond to it with a link and/or an answer for you! Hope you girls enjoy!! xo
Thanks to Victoria Campbell Photography for capturing these photos!

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