Living Room Update!

Hey girls! We are so excited to finally share our updated home decor post with y'all this morning. We've been working on this room for a little over a year now and it's finally complete. As most of you know, we live in an apartment but plan on building a home at the end of this year/beginning of next a little further south than where we are now. With that being said, we will be here for another year and a half, maybe longer. Both of us agreed that it would be best to invest in only pieces that we knew would 'fit' into our home and already have a space for them! 

For example, our coffee table and TV stand are two pieces that we were on the hunt for and when we saw them, we instantly envisioned them in our forever space. I'm so glad we waited on both of these pieces and didn't just order whatever I could find online (Alex and I are both SO impatient and impulsive, lol). Our coffee table is a highly requested piece that y'all want to know about so I wanted to talk a bit about that. We found it at a locally owned store, Textile and Timber, in Aurora, OH. They do have a website but you can't order from it, yet (not sure if they are working on that or not!). I have looked all over the site for our table but can't find it. I promise to keep checking and if it comes available, I will let y'all know via Instagram!!

Other pieces of furniture I know y'all have asked about are our TV Stand and the couch. I can't link either on Instagram so my DMs are usually flooded with questions on these pieces! Our couch is from Ikea and is in their Kivik Series (with chaise lounge). The color is "Orrsta Light Grey" and this is the exact one. We love the sofa so far and it's much more comfortable than what we were dealing with before buying the new one. I'm so happy we went with the chaise also, we both can lay down and relax and Tucker even sprawls out per usual, lol!

We purchased the TV Stand at Home Goods a few months ago and I can't find anything like it online. Wayfair has some great alternatives to this type of look with sliding barn doors that are super cute! The only big difference is that most of them have two sliding doors on either side and ours has one big one.

I shared a few quick photos our of small dining room (right next to our living room!) for you to see the space. The elephant portrait is also from Home Goods and one of my favorite finds from there. I'm so in love with how that area turned out and can't wait to replicate it in our home. I linked our plates, silverware & glasses for your below as well since you girls ask about them on IG! 

Sorry for writing a novel... I just wanted to be thorough as possible for you girls that have been asking! I've done my best to link all the little details of our space (pillows, blanket, lanterns, clocks, books, vases, etc.) with you below but if I missed something that you wanted to look at... please don't hesitate to ask in the comments! I'd be happy to answer any of your questions! xo
Thank you to Victoria Campbell Photography for capturing these shots!


  1. You are looking adorable in this outfit! :)

  2. Such comfy decor! I want mine to look like this as well!


  3. Aah really love the colors and the cozyness! Looks beautiful!

  4. love the look! I am wanting to redo our living room area so thank you for the inspo! also, just letting you know the ikea couch link isn't working... :/


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