Pizza Love Affair

Hiiiiya babes! Long time, no talk. Sorry that I've been M.I.A. - there's been a lot happening behind the scenes and so many exciting things coming up for Fashionably Kay that I can't wait to share! I think since the weather decided to backtrack it's way into winter... I've been hibernating a bit, lol! I wanted to share this cozy look that I wore to grab some of our favorite pizza while I was in my hometown visiting my mama for a photoshoot.

This spot is rather new compared to the other places in the square of Medina. It's called Courthouse Pizzeria but the slices are huge and so so yummy! I'm definitely a plain pepperoni kind of gal but can't get enough of the crushed red pepper... my weakness. Anything spicy! What's your fave pizza topping!?

One thing that I've been crushing on this season is stripes! I've always loved a good classic blue and white or even black and white striped top BUT colors have me stopping lately. I used to be a strict neutrals only girl... until now. I'm not sure why but I can't stay away! There are so many cute stripes rainbow sweaters & tops out there - so many to choose from! Unfortunately this one is sold out but I've done my best to round up the best ones for y'all below!! xo

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