June Instagram RoundUp

Happy JULY, friends! I wanted to round up all my June IG posts for y'all to shop in one spot in case you missed them when they were posted! I've been getting some questions on how to get my photos back into your feed since Instagram has changed the algorithm once again... blah! All you need to do is keep engaging with my photos and watching my stories + I should pop back up! They started to make your feed based on exactly what they "think" you want to see by what you interact with! So the more you interact with my posts - the more IG will show you them! :)

June was a super exciting month - went to the island for our family vacation (we've been going to Anna Maria Island for as long as I can remember! One of my favorite places in the world. And when I returned - we went and picked up our new puppy golden retriever, Toby!! The pups have their own Instagram so I can puppy spam whoever wants to see it... be sure to follow their page if you love pups @fashionablygoldens!

I made sure to link everything underneath each photo and if it's not able to be linked via LTK, I shared a text with a link connected to it! If you have any sizing questions, leave a comment below & I'll get back to you! Don't forget, you can always shop my posts under the "Shop" tab on header under "Shop my Instagram"! xoxo

One-Piece Scalloped Suit

One-Piece Palm Print Suit

Wakiki One-Piece Suit

Lace-up Poncho with Tassels

And I'm just going to leave this one here... :) Hope you girls have a wonderful weekend!! XOXO.


  1. Thanks for sharing girl! I so love the forver 21 dupes for the Steve Madden sandals!


    1. Thanks so much, girl! I do, too. Such a good find!! xo

  2. Do you do every instagram post that your posted or just like your top 10?

    1. I try to post every outfit/photo that hasn't already been covered & linked on the blog!


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