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One of my most asked questions on any platform is about my manicures and/or my gold rings! I love that you girls love them as much as I do so I figured it would probably make the most sense to share links to every single one since not all of them are able to be linked via LTK. I also wanted to share my last five manicures with y'all and all of the color names for you to have!

I think I'll start a series on here that is published monthly regarding new rings and new manicures with links to everything for you guys to look at in one place. It'll make the most sense and I hope you girls are looking forward to it!! 
If you've been following me for a while then you know James Michelle Jewelry is where I get about 99% of my rings. She has the best selection and they will last you forever. Most of the ones I have are 14k filled gold and have never tarnished and I would say I've had them for about two years. My everyday, go-to rings! I do take them off every night and I don't shower, sleep or swim with them on. I keep them in a jewelry box and don't usually clean them unless I have to. 

Since my fingers are very small, I wear a ring size of a 5 or 6. I get this question a TON so I wanted to make sure to cover it. My midi rings are made specially by Jamie (of James Michelle) and I do believe that they are usually a size 2 or 3. She does have a ring sizer available on her site for $3 that you girls could have sent to you to get measured! Otherwise, I would recommend going to a jeweler and having them size you. :)

In the manicure above with my marble accent nail, here are the colors that we decided to use! The greyish color on my pinky and pointer finger is "Patchwork" by ibd just gel polish. The pink on my middle finger is "Sunset Fog" #599 by DND. The sparkles on my thumb are "Forgotten Pink" #472 by DND. She used a plain white for my marble nail and after it was done in the light, she took a black sharpie marker and swirled it around with a brush dipped in nail polish remover. I know this was a lot of information but if you girls have any other questions, feel free to comment below!! xox

I didn't have any photos of my Kendra Scott ring that I recently added to my collection so I snapped this one separately. It will be in a new manicure post since I do wear it everyday on my middle finger recently. I absolutely love the Rose Quartz stone I added to the mix. I went to the 'color bar' at my local KS store (you can do this online at the link, here) and ordered the below!

I chose the Elyse Ring in gold. I knew immediately that I wanted the gold to match all of my other rings but I do love the rose gold version just as much. The stone I chose is Rose Quartz. I got the smallest size that this ring comes in which is a size 6. 

You can also choose from these options if you don't want to go through the steps of the customization. I love the gold Elyse ring with the Iridescent Drusy stone. It's so pretty and neutral.

This manicure is a classic pink color that I decided to go with - perfect for year round! The color is "Ballet Pink" by DND. I've been really loving DND Gel Polishes (they also come in regular polish, same color names and everything!) since I find that they stay on the longest and I haven't had any issues with chipping. 

This was my mani for our beach vacation this summer & I loved the way it turned out! I just showed my nail tech a photo of an actual palm leaf and told her that I wanted a palm design with a few leaves and this is what we came up with. She combined a light green (it was almost lime green, lol) with a black and it turned out to be the perfect green color! The pink is "Pink Linen" by DND.

This is one of my favorite manicures to date. I love all of these colors combined (remind you of my house by chance... lol!?) but seriously, I love a good grey pink and white combo! The grey is "Patchwork" by ibd just gel polish. The pink is "Sunset Fog" by DND. I actually can't find the name of the light grey we used but I will find out and add it to this ASAP for you girls!

Rainbow pinks... anything better?! This was another super fun one for me! I adore all of these colors & the best part is... they are all by DND!! So they come in gel polish and regular polish versions, too. Here is the order from my pinky to thumb: "Lotus Pink", "Princess Pink", "Linen Pink", "Sunset Fog" & "Elegant Pink".

I'll be doing another post on here in September with some fall manicure inspiration. I have an exciting collaboration coming up with a local salon that I'm so excited to share with you girls. I think you're going to love it - especially if you're a local girl! I'm excited to try out a new salon for you. Stay tuned for that! xoxoxo

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