Falling for Flares

Hellloooo friends!!! It's been one hot minute since I published a new post. I wish I had an excuse for y'all... but truth is, I don't. Sometimes you just get into one of those creative ruts and have no energy. I definitely was having a low-key last couple of weeks and it felt so good to just relax and not be so caught up in working. I kept it up over on the 'gram (for those of you who don't follow me over there, you can find me here!). I'll be back to my scheduled posts and I'm excited to share some fall content with you! I'm currently working on an updated fall beauty routine, fall decor and some other fun things that will be on the blog!

Today I'm sharing these white flares that have been in my closet for years. They are always a go-to of mine when the weather cools down. I love pairing them with neutrals (I styled them last fall with some neutrals, find the post here). This Blank NYC jacket is from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in 2017 and it's still my favorite. They always carry the best suede jackets and the color is just unbeatable! It goes with everything and screams fall. I have the small in this and it fits great. I don't usually wear chunky sweaters underneath it so if that's your plan, I would size up so there is more room in the arms!

I've been getting so many questions on my fall hats since I've been wearing them nonstop. I'm thinking of putting together a full accessories guide post for you girls and my current favorites that are available. I'll take a poll on IG to see if you are interested!! If you're reading this, comment below and let me know! :) 

I've been wearing these coin necklaces 24/7 that are from The Sis Kiss. They have the best jewelry to choose from and I have three of their coin necklaces. All different lengths so I love to wear them together but also separately with other gold jewels. You can use the code KAY15 for a discount on their entire site! xoxo

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  1. Timeless and classy outfit! I'm loving your style!



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