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I hope you girls had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend and Happy September!!!! I am so excited to welcome the cooler months with open arms and have all things fall. I wanted to do a second post all about my Lifeplanner & accessories for you girls since it's one of the most popular topics I talk about. Whenever I post any planner inspo or new sticker books... I get so many DMs from y'all wanting to know all the details (which I loooove!!) so I'm happy to talk organization today! 

Last year around the same exact time (literally down to the week!), I published my first post talking about my Lifeplanner and how I keep it organized. I'm going to basically be talking through the same points but linking directly to all of the sticker books + sharing updated ones that I've come across throughout the past year. Also, Erin Condren (Lifeplanner) has come out with new front covers (including camo!!!) that I think y'all are going to love. 

First things first.... what planner do I use?

This is one of the most-asked questions I get. I'm so happy to say that my brand of planner is now available via LTK so I can link it to all of my planner inspo posts for you! I have fallen in love with Erin Condren Lifeplanners and don't think I'll ever be able to go to another brand of planner. They are completely customizable and so easy to use. I love being able to decide what cover I want, I can personalize that cover with my name, business name, etc., if I want a colorful or neutral layout, horizontal or vertical day layout and other options along those lines. Not many brands allow you to have free range of how you want to set your planner up so I really appreciate that!

My current lifeplanner is an 18-month planner "Watercolor Splash" in Teal front cover. I got this same planner last July so it was from July 2017-December 2018. I'm actually so excited to get another one for the upcoming year... I'm giddy about it (major nerd alert). I've been looking through all of the new front covers and am seriously crushing on this pink and gold camo cover, eucalyptus cover & also this "life in little squares" cover

I chose the horizontal layout for my planner since that provides the lines & I think makes the planner look the most organized overall. Also, the lines help me keep my handwriting neat (I have a hard time being neat inside the little boxes!). My current planner is the colorful option but I think for my upcoming planner for 2019... I'm going to go with the neutral. My stickers are so bright and colorful that I think it will go together perfectly!

What sticker books do you love and where do you get them?

Y'all already know that I love my sticker books! It's funny because I used to say I'd never spend the money on the sticker books... but here I am... over 10 books later. Ooooops. They are very addicting once you start using and they just keep coming out with newer, cuter books it feels like every month! I've broken down my favorite 8 books that are the most-used and then my top five afterwards.

Here are my favorite 8 sticker books (click on the name of each one to shop!):

1. Everyday Memories - This is still my absolute favorite sticker book... it has the cuuuuest options. I originally bought it solely because of the Fall and October stick page (I've included a photo from last blog post!) and all of the bigger stickers. 

2. Tiny - This is my latest purchase and I shared the pages with you girls over on my IG stories! All of these ones are small, hence the name lol but sooo cute! I fell in love with the 'planning' pages and also the coffee page has my heart! Photo is included below of the coffee page, of course.

3. Memory Planning - This is another new booklet and it has updated stickers in it. I love all of the random everyday stickers like coffee, flowers, brunch/dinner dates, things like those! They are a newer pack so the font is seriously adorable. I'm a huge sucker for a good script font and some color so this pack is just that. 

4. Holidays - I bought this in the fall last year when I spotted all of the cute fall stickers that I just had to have, haha. It has every holiday you can think of all in this booklet with cute little quotes to go with it! I'm sad that I used all of my cute fall stickers last year and might go grab another one of these just for those few pages!

5. Mom - This one is great even if you aren't a mom. I use almost all the pages since there are "me-time", "mani/pedi", "laundry day", "date night", "whats for dinner", etc. The only two or three pages I don't use in this booklet are the ones for school (early release, no school, volunteer, game day, practice) but those pages are perfect if you do have a kiddo in school and you can just slap the stickers on each day you need! 

6. Stickers - This one is just like the productivity booklet just with more everyday stickers to it and less "meetings/appointments" kind of ones. It is a new booklet so it has more updated fonts and colors which I'm a big fan of!

7. Fitness - I bought these so hold myself accountable going to the gym, lol! I love adding them on the days where I'm working out and there are more specific workout ones such as "full-body", "arms" & "leg day"stickers. The inspirational quotes are fun to add all throughout your fitness journey and when you look back on everything, it feels good!

8. Productivity - This was the first sticker book that I purchased last summer when I originally got my lifeplanner. I love that this one has so many cute options for appointments, calls, meetings and inspirational quotes on how to stay motivated! 

I know that can be super overwhelming to look through 8 booklets but I wanted to be sure to label them all and talk about why I love each one. It even drives me crazy sometimes when I'm sitting down to plan and going through all of them but at this point, I'm so used to it and I put some music on and get to work! I really look forward to my "me-time" that I use to jot down in my planner and decorate. It relaxes me especially early in the morning before getting to work on everything!

Coffee stickers in the "Tiny" sticker book.

If I had to narrow down to five booklets that I believe I use the most (I always get asked which booklet is my favorite and I can't even narrow it down to one!) it would be these five. Linked them right here! 

Fall page from the book "Everyday Memories".

Another FAQ I get with the sticker books is where I keep all of them and how do I stay organized. I picked up this memory/photo box from Michael's for $2 and seriously swear by these. It's the same box (different print) as the marble ones I keep in my cubbies attached to my desk. Michael's is always having some sort of sale on these so I grab the prints and designs I like whenever I spot them. 

I also keep my pens in the box and just put the entire box in a cubby attached to my desk. I have the same photo box for my bible and bible journal that I keep together with my planner stuff. Keeps me semi-organized and the boxes are easily added decor (like I use my marble ones!). 

My absolute favorite pen is by Staedtler and it's the Triplus Fineliner Pen that is 0.3mm. I seriously swear by these and I'm not kidding when I say it makes my handwriting prettier than I can write! It's always hard to come by a pack of these black ones so I linked a pack of 10 for you girls that's currently under $10, it does show low stock though so grab them while you can! I usually grab a pack every time I go to Hobby Lobby. The colored pens, like this grey one and this dark pink one can be found at Michael's usually and I buy them for my accents.

How to stay motivated and tips for using your planner:

I personally love sitting down and planning out my days and weeks before they start but that wasn't always the case. An entire month would go by and my planner wouldn't even be touched... it was always my least organized month, too! I feel so much better when I write down everything I need to get done for the day or even what I know I need to do for the week ahead. I don't always have it all this organized and there are obviously things I don't share on IG with y'all - like my everyday "to-do" lists because I don't decorate them with stickers and they aren't all pretty! But they do help me accomplish what I need to do. I think writing down something also helps you memorize that more and gets it in your head to not forget, at least it helps me! 

I do really enjoy in the evenings while I'm just hanging out with the boys and while Alex is catching up on a TV show or just playing a video game, adding stickers to my planner on the days I've already written some things down. I like to keep it scattered yet organized if that makes sense. I don't write out things all horizontally on purpose so I can add cute stickers and quotes throughout.

One thing I suggest is setting aside a little time a day (I personally do about an hour every morning or evening) but to start you can even do just 15-minutes to look over your planner, make sure your deadlines and appointments are all written down. Just doing this will help you feel more accomplished and like things are all in order. The longer you do this for, the more you'll look forward to it and it becomes mindless and relaxing (and also a habit!).

How do you stay organized? Do you have any tips or tricks on how to be motivated? If you do, please share in the comments! I'd love to start a thread with all of you sharing your personal tricks on doing this. & also... if you girls know of any cute stickers that I didn't cover here - comment below! I'm always up for adding more to my collection (even though Alex wouldn't agree, hehe). xoxo

Feel free to pin this graphic below to Pinterest to share with your readers if you are interested! xo

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