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Hey girls!! This blog post has been highly requested by you girls and I was so excited to share it with you!!! As most of you have probably seen on my Instagram, I recently just got Hand-Tied Hair Extensions with my girl, Erin Frazee. First off... I just have to say how amazing this woman is! My overall experience in her salon chair was above and beyond and she is a real-life magician. She just recently opened up her own salon in Ohio City, HeyDay Collective. The salon is absolutely stunning in every way imaginable. I've shared some photos of the salon itself at the end of this post! 

First things first.... let's talk hair. I've been really looking into getting extensions for a few reasons. I naturally have super thin hair that grows slow and doesn't gain length the way I had hoped so I knew that hand-tied extensions were the way I wanted to go from everything that I researched online for the entire summer. I was so excited when I found Erin's Instagram while looking up Cleveland hair girls... I think she's the best in the city! ;) She specializes in extensions specifically so you know you're in great hands. For all my local girls who are looking to getting Hand-Tied Extensions, you can fill out this form here on HeyDay Collective's website!

Hand-Tied Extensions are what Erin used for my hair and she put in two full rows. The brand of hair is Bohyme Hair, Luxe Collection. I've been getting a ton of questions on which color I went with but Erin actually colors the extensions prior to the appointments to match your color! So she will custom-color the hair for you and choose which color to go with when it comes to choosing the extensions. Hand-Tied is a preferred method since it is the most seamless and natural looking especially since the color is customized to match each clients. Also, this is the least damaging for your hair versus other hair extension methods!

We toned down my current balayage with a neutral, beige-y glaze and added more depth and dimension with other colors throughout my extensions. I'm honestly so happy with the way my hair looks/feels with these extensions in! I've gotten nothing but compliments on how natural and seamless they look, some people don't even believe that they are extensions! Also, they are 100% comfortable on a day-to-day basis. I've had zero complaints.

I wanted to answer all of your girls FAQs on here so for the remainder of the post, there are your questions and my answers! In case I miss anything, feel free to comment below with anything that wasn't included! I'll answer them ASAP but also add them to the post itself so others can read + see!

What are Hand-Tied Extensions?

These are extensions that are "sewn" in and beaded into your hair making them super seamless, thin and the most natural looking. Also, the most comfortable! I have not had anything other than clip-ins in the past but I do have close friends that have told me extensions like tape-ins or bonded extensions are extremely uncomfortable and cannot be put up into a bun or pony (like these can be)!

What is the price of them?

I know it's super frustrating when everyone says "it depends on what you're looking for", but it truly does. This is something that's so vast that you need to consult a stylist for an exact price. Erin has a form on her website that you can fill out to get a more accurate range of what they would cost after she knows what you're looking for. Things like how many rows you need, what type of hair (silky smooth VS. a body wave) and what kind of color your hair needs all affect the price.

What is the maintenance on these extensions?

It is recommended that you get the hair moved up every 6-8 weeks. It depends on how fast your hair grows whether you want to wait the full 8 or go only 6 wks. I am personally getting them moved up every 8 weeks since my hair grows on the slower side and should be good until then! This also helps keep the color fresh since Erin colors both the extensions and hair during tightening appointments.

How long did they take to put in?

I was at Erin's salon for the majority of the afternoon... but we definitely had some fun in between working on my hair, lol! I had an amazing day spent with her and left the salon feeling like a new woman with these extensions in! I would count on spending between 4-6 hours in the salon chair which includes the coloring of your hair/the extensions, washing of your hair and extensions and beading them into your hair, then styling them! A process that is totally worth it

How long does the hair last?

This varies significantly on how you take care of your hair. It's extremely important to follow the instructions that your stylist gives you on care for hair extensions. They can last anywhere between 6 and 12 months. 

Did you have to switch shampoo/conditioner?

I was already using sulfate-free products (which is very important to remember when caring for your extensions!) but Erin gave me this shampoo and this conditioner to use! I've been loving the Unite line so I'm super thankful she introduced me to it. She also gave me this hair oil and this leave-in detangler which have been everyday products for me since getting my hair done. I also use a Wetbrush everyday and before shampooing my hair to avoid tangles. The detangler is used right after showering and helps so much before brushing out my hair! 

Can you put your hair up with them in?

YESSS!! This was one of the first questions I had asked Erin on our consultation phone call (she sets one up with every client of hers... I love that about her!! Super helpful and you're able to discuss what you're looking for and get all your questions answered). I am able to wear my hair up in a ponytail and even a high-bun very comfortably. You girls know I love my messy buns!! I've also been asked if they affect wearing your hair half-up/half-down and the answer is no. They are placed on your head strategically so you are able to do whatever with your hair without any beads/wefts showing!

How often do you wash them?

I wash my hair about two times a week (I did before extensions as well). I actually just went 7 full days this past week before washing them and my hair was completely fine! They are super easy to maintain on a daily basis. I use this oil every morning (which actually doubles as a heat protectant) and either freshen up my curls/waves or run my straightener through my hair.

Do they thin out your natural hair?

I know that these extensions (hand-tied) are the least damaging to your natural hair since there is no glue or chemicals going onto your hair. The way that these are beaded on basically do not damage your hair what-so-ever! My best friend also had these and loves them. Neither of us have seen any damage to our natural hair.

Are they comfortable on your head?

I personally don't feel my extensions and sometimes forget that they are on my head! The first few hours after getting them sewn in, your head is a bit tight and can cause some mild pain but mine was nothing to worry about. The following day, I woke up and the tightness was gone and these have been super comfortable ever since! They do not irritate my scalp.

What is the difference between these extensions and tape-in extensions?

Hand-Tied Extensions do not include any glue or chemicals whatsoever! These have been found to be the least damaging extensions you can get. I personally love how comfortable and seamless these are in your hair and know my girlfriends agree who have gotten the tape-in method prior.

Overall Thoughts?

I'm so happy that I decided to go through with getting these. I think they are 100% worth every penny especially if you're into longer, thicker hair! I've dreamt of having this hair since I was younger and Erin made allll those dreams come true!!  

I hope this post was super helpful to you girls! Like I mentioned above, please feel free to leave any other questions you have in the comments. Or if you even just want to say hi!!! I love hearing from you! 

Also, I wanted to share a few photos below with you of Erin's new salon, HeyDay Collective. I know you girls appreciate a good space as much as I do... so enjoy these aesthetically pleasing photos I snapped the day I got my extensions in!!!! :)

A major thank you to Erin Frazee and HeyDay Collective for sponsoring todays post! All opinions are my own.

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  1. This post was perfect for anyone looking to get extensions!! All the Answers to so many questions that all of us have when looking!! Great Job love!!


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