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Hey loves!!! I'm so excited to announce that we are headed to Banff, Canada and Lake Louise tomorrow morning!!!! This has been a dream of mine to visit for the past few years and I'm ecstatic that Alex got the vacation time off we needed for a long weekend of being in the mountains. In case you haven't heard of Lake Louse or Banff, you can click here to see some photos and learn more about the area! I wanted to do a little peak inside what I'm packing for our trip since so many of you girls loved my "What I'm Packing for Italy" post earlier this year! 

We were definitely anticipating some cooler weather but I had no idea that it was going to be a Winter Wonderland there, literally! Both Banff & Lake Louise have been experiencing snowfall and the highs have been in the low 40s for the past week. We are bringing all of our cozy pieces and thick sweaters/jackets. I'm going to head out in a bit to try and find a cute pair of Sperry boots since I only have my two rain boots + sweater inserts for them! My main focus was to bring layers on layers just because we do plan on hiking and being outdoors but also driving to Banff for nice dinners and exploring as well in the evenings. 

My Hunter Boots are definitely my go-to for winter time since they are the easiest in the snow (waterproof!). I highly suggest investing in a pair of these inserts for extra warmth though since the boots are not insulated. Mine have been just fine with a pair of socks, the inserts over top and then with the boots on! Super comfortable and super warm! I also have the Chelsea Boots and love these for when I don't want to wear the taller versions, maybe headed to dinner with a pair of jeans and a cozy sweater. They are just as comfortable and I wear thick socks with mine! I've been crushing over Hunter's new leopard boots and booties! I linked them both below... so cute!!!

Favorite Winter Boots/Booties:

I snagged this pink vest from Old Navy a few weeks ago specifically for this trip since I knew it was going to be so cold! I went with a size small and the fit is perfect. Still on sale, too! It comes in a ton of colors. I'm thinking of snagging it in Golden Opportunity which is a really pretty yellow/mustard color that I adore for fall. I'm planning on wearing my fave white long-sleeve tee and then another long-sleeve sweater underneath the vest for extra warmth! I'm hoping that paired with one of my chunky scarves and a beanie that I will be good to be outside for a few hours but worse comes to worse, I grab my jacket from the car! I'll be bringing three jackets total on this trip (lol for a four-day weekend!) but I wanted to be sure I had a puffer coat, a peacoat for dinners and then my fuzzy teddy bear jacket, too!

Favorite Outerwear: 

I'm bringing a bunch of beanies just so I have options and I know I change my mind 1000x depending on my mood, lol! Am I the only that does that? I hate packing and then when you're at the destination... you wish that you brought the other option. I'm definitely an overpacker and bring plenty of options for myself! I'm also bringing my taupe wool fedora and then my grey one, just to have! I've linked my fave fall/winter hats below.

Fall/Winter Hats:

I never go anywhere without my curling wand y'all! This has been hands down the best hair tool I've found. I use the 1.25" barrel with the clamp and it usually keeps my curls wavy and I don't need to touch them up for a day or two, second day waves are my favorite! Super effortless and easy to work with. I have the whirl trio but also have the clamp attachments. Linked them all below!!

Favorite Hair Products:

Have any of you ever been to Banff or Lake Louise? If so, comment any suggestions you have! I'd love to hear your favorites in the area and any reccomendations you guys have!! Make sure to follow along over on my Instagram to keep up with our travels! I'll be sharing tons of stories and photos there!! xoxo

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  1. Hope you have an amazing trip!
    Make sure to arrive super early if you plan to go down to the lake at Lake Louise. Plan to go around 5:30-6am because it gets packed! Also take the gondola up the ski hill for amazing views, and if you're up for a super quick hike while at the top, do the Kicking Horse trail. It comes out to a really great lookout. I was just there a couple weeks ago!


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