What made you start blogging?
I always wanted to be in the fashion industry and while studying merchandising (KSU), I created Fashionably Kay as an outlet to share my outfits and other things with my friends and family. It started out as just a hobby because I loved putting together outfits to inspire other woman - never imagined it would be my full time business! I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Who takes your photos?
My mom is a full-time photographer and runs her own business. She is basically my partner when it comes to this blog and I couldn't have done/be doing this without her! You can find all of her work here. We are each others biggest fans.

What kind of camera do you use?
-Canon Mark III
-Lens 70-200 mm/2.8f (most used)
-Lens 50mm/1.4f (for details) 

What size LV Neverfull do you have?
I went with the MM, since it suits me best! I was going to get the GM but it looked too large on my body.

Where do you shop most frequently?
My favorite store to shop at is Nordstrom (their return policy and customer service cannot be beat!). For home, I'm always checking Home Goods & Marshall's. I do shop frequently online at other retailers like Vici, Express & Saks.

What advice would you give new bloggers trying to start their own blog?
My biggest piece of advice for new bloggers is to find whatever you are most passionate about, stick to your niche and be consistent! Becoming successful doesn't happen over night and it takes A LOT of hard work/dedication to see results. With blogging being so saturated these days, it's so important to be original and unique so that people want to see more of YOU. Be patient and keep working hard!

What self tanner do you use?
I get spray tans every week before photoshoots. I use the Versa Pro booth on level 3. When I use self tanner from home, it's the Mystic Tan in all three shades (I combine them to get a natural shade!). I buy the self tanner from my salon, Palm Beach Tan.

How did you and Alex meet and how long have you been together?
Alex and I both managed a Calvin Klein store while we were attending college. We became super close friends and spent a lot of time together. We started dating shortly afterwards. We are celebrating our four years this year! :)

What breed is Tucker and where did you adopt him?
Tucker is an F1 Standard size Goldendoodle. We found him on the website, Hoobly, from a local family selling doodles. They are not breeders, we were just super lucky with finding him! He weighs about 60 lbs and is full grown.

What planner/agenda do you use?
I use the Erin Condren Lifeplanner in the horizontal layout version. I have a full blog post on my planner and accessories, here


  1. How/What do you use to edit your photos? LOVE your content!


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